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Shopping info

How to buy?

  • Select product
  • Next to product select the amount how many products you want and click Add to cart ( Lisa korvi). All the selected products added to the cart. It its up right corner. When you click the cart you will see products you have chosen and if you wish you can remove them from cart by clicking X button. With Refresh cart (Uuenda ostukorvi) button you can refresh products in the shopping cart . In Coupon code (Kupongi kood) area you can add discount code if you have received offer from us.
  • Select shipping method. Shipping price depends what kind of method you prefer.
  • Click Next (Edasi kassasse) and you will redirected into page where you must fill your information if you are not registered user already.
  • Select paying option
    1. Estonian and Finland banks (Visa, MasterCard & Maestro)

    2. Liisi installment pay

( We have € currency )

  • Click Submit an order (Esita tellimus) button and your order will be accepted.